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Panel Disccussion: Melilla – on the border of Africa and Europe?

18 November 2014,   6 p.m.,  Klosterstr.79b, University of Cologne

In line with the photo exhibition about the project KAHINA: Art, Action, and Research, that focuses on social integration within Melilla, we wanted to shed a light on the city's historical, political and social background.
To open the topic to a broader level and to get a deeper insight in the complex situation of Melilla as a border city, we invited all interested persons to join us at our Panel Discussion.

The Panel Discussion presented 4 different perspectives on Melilla. The speakers drew a line from the historical evolvement of the city to the work of the participatory social action and research project Kahina, the identity formation in Melilla, and the very recent topic of migration and European border policy, not forgetting the Moroccan experience of the border.


Antonio Sáez-Arance - From a Medieval Christian vanguard to an European high-tech fortress: Melilla‘s historical background

Francesco Bondanini - Migration on the border of Europe: the CETI in Melilla

Roxanne Friedrichs - Being a Melillense: discourses and meaning

Mostapha Boukllouâ - Melilla – a perspective from Nador

Moderator: Michaela Pelican

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