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This project has ended: Project duration 2013 - 2016

UoC Forum Conferences

For a more fundamental exchange, we organize international conferences to bring together scholars from all over the world and from different areas of expertise.


Ethnicity in (pre)colonial societies
15-16 October 2015 at the University of Cologne

At this conference we had a closer look at the historical dimension of ethnicity. We discussed different positions in historiography integrating visions from neighboring disciplines such as archaeology and anthropology.


Migration, Ethnicity, and the State
26-28 March 2015 in Guangzhou, China

Together with the Center of Urban Studies from Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou we co-organized our second international conference. The conference concentrated on ethnicity in the context of migration and the policies and regulations excerted by the state.



Conceptualizing Ethnicity as a Political Resource - across Disciplines, Regions, and Periods
2-4 April 2014 in Cologne, Germany

In April 2014 we tackled the topic "Ethnicity as a Politcal Resource" from the very conceptual perspective.
How is it viewed by scholars from different academic disciplines? Which forms of ethnicity exist in various regions of the world? How can it be investigated with specific reference to distinct historical periods?

The output of our conference can soon be read in our publication "Ethnicity as a Political Resource - Conceptionlizations across Disciplines, Regions, and Periods"